Do adverts work?

This is the million dollar question for many small and medium businesses as they battle with cash flow constraints yet seek to growth their sales.

The simple answer is that adverts can work but only with some joined-up thinking. At Leviosa Consulting, we help and support our clients with the joined-up strategies to get the best bang-for-their-buck, from their advertising budget. This often includes writing editorials to support the adverts, creating point-of-sale flyers, newsletters and articles, that pull in their target client audience.

Eaves editorial image

We can help you develop you Public Relations (PR) strategy, identify your target audience/industry sector(s) and/or develop corporate social responsibility (CSR) program. 

One of the golden rules we follow, is not to commit to advertising with journals/press without firstly negotiating some editorial space and fully understanding the supporting online package which accompanies the advertising package. This is because clients and prospective clients come in all shapes and forms. Some clients, with an engineering background, will like to read the technical benefits of your company products and/or services in technical editorials. To get the attention of others, you will need eye-catching graphics and innovative advert layout which speaks to both domestic and international clients.

The Leviosa business consulting team as the skill set and the expertise to help you in your advertising and editorial requirements. Give us a call for further information or check out the Case References below.

"In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope". -Peter Nivio Zarlenga