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Course Scope

Course Scope

Our training providers are CMI (Chartered Management Institute) approved to deliver high quality CMI Level 3 & 5 training from our Unit 1, CMI training centre in Sheffield. The following topic's are covered in this 'Lean Six Sigma Green Belt' module from Leviosa Training:

Lean Management and Cell Theory

  • The Role of the Lean Manager
  • Work Cells
  • High Performing Teams (HPTs)
  • Rapid Action Teams (RATs)
  • Visual Management
  • Bruce Tuckman’s Group Development Model
  • Emotional Cycle of Change (ECOC)
  • Personality Styles
  • Dealing with Resistance

Continuous Improvement Methodologies

  • DMAIC for Green Belts
  • 3Cs
  • 8Ds
  • Plan, Do, Check, Act
  • Kaizen
  • DFSS

Risk Management

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Risk Management
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Terminology
  • Data Types
  • Normal Distribution and Standard Deviation
  • Process Capability
  • Frequency Distribution Tables
  • Bar Charts and Histograms
  • Pareto Charts
  • Box and Whisker Plots
  • Normal Distribution and Control Charts
  • Calculating Process Efficiency
  • Scatter Diagrams and Regression

Course Overview

Course Overview

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a 3 Day Course.

It is the second in the Lean Six Sigma Belt sequence, which provides delegates with essential and practical knowledge of Six Sigma and its methodology. This course builds on the concepts introduced at the Yellow Belt stage and will provide the delegates with an in depth and comprehensive therectical and practical training experience.

Our training instructors are CMI approved and experts in the industrial application and knowledge of Six Sigma. Our trainers will effectively transfer their expertise to the candidates in a supportive, professional and passionate, easy to understand manner. The result will be a delegate who is efficient and confident in applying Green Belt notions.

During this certification, candidates gain the knowledge required to effectively assist with data collection and analysis for Black Belt led projects. In addition to this desired skill, training enables delegates to be a part of Green Belt Six Sigma teams on company-wide quality improvement projects. Six Sigma tools, processes, and the value of these to an organisation are key areas of focus and delegates are taught how to apply the techniques to any quality improvement project. Such tools and processes are significant for enterprises due to the business benefits that they can generate.

This course is a continuation from the Pre-requiste Yellow Belt course and covers lean practical application and leading a Six Sigma Improvement team.

Whats Included

Is there Lunch?

We will provide a light lunch to each attending delegate.

Is there an Examination?

All delegates are required to have taken and passed a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt examination in order to complete the Green Belt training course. All delegates will receive the training and support they need to pass the examination first time.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam is formatted with 30 Multiple Choice questions over a 2 hour period in an open-book classroom environment

Why Choose Leviosa to Deliver Lean Green-Belt Training?

Our structure is a little less conventional than other lean training providers. We aim to make the content both informative, enjoyable and most importantly memorable.

We endeavour to provide a teaching/delivering style with audience participation and interaction.

Our classes have an excellent mix of theoretical and practical (hands on) content as we find this makes the event much more interesting for the candidate.

And if you don't enjoy our training, you get to throw rotten tomatoes at the trainer with our blessing..... luckily, nobody has ever felt the need to resort to this - ha ha 

Typical Attendees

Who should attend?

This course is designed for anybody who is interested in Business Improvement. This course would be particularly beneficial for organisations who have a culture of Continuous Improvement and who understand the role, skilled, experienced and qualified people (SEQP) play in the improvement process.


The pre-requiste for attending the Green Belt course is a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. There will be a small amount of work to complete prior to the course. We will provide you with a course preparation guide and some pre-course reading to re-familiarise yourself with the principles covered at the Yellow Belt stage.

Delivery Options

Content Delivery Options

The available delivery methods for this course include;

  • Classroom/Workshop at our CMI approved facilities in Sheffield, UK
  • In-House at your company facilities

Why Invest?

  • The 3-Day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course costs £895.00 per Delegate.
  • Group Discounts are available for parties over 3 Delegates from the same organisation.

What benefit will it bring the business?

To be recognised as professional (and a professional business), a credible test of knowledge, practical application, process control and learning attitude of both the company and the candidate is needed. This has been the founding principle of Quality standards such as ISO9001 and Health & Safety standards such as OHSAS 18001 for many years.

The International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) has now created international standard ISO 18404 that is auditable every 3 years and challenges the candidate and thus the Company to demonstrate the required skills and behaviours expected of today’s change agents.

ISO18404:2015 is an auditable certification ensures that your team are truly capable to lead transforming projects and programmes and deliver the right answers. The certification needs to be maintained and as such will to form the basis of the candidates on-going professional development.

Having the ISO18404 accolade will help improve the companies chances of winning competitive tender projects, being recognised as a credible supplier in the eyes of the customer and ultimately help to gain more profitable sales.

What benefit will it bring the candidate?

The Leviosa Royal Statistical Society (RSS) accredited training follows a stringent and challenging pathway that tests the competencies, aptitude and leadership of the candidate to ensure that they can continue to deliver the results your business demands.

Having this accreditation demonstrates your competencies to:

  • Lead multi-functional teams in change programmes
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality
  • Train others
  • Identify the appropriate solution

Ultimately this accolade should help to improve the candidates position in the company, increase promotion prospects and the associated rewards that come from being a recognised management professional. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is your second step towards realising these rewards.