Leviosa Consulting provides full company-wide ERP management solutions for total business control, tailored to meet the needs of industry; specifically the manufacturing, engineering and warehouse sectors.

Leviosa Infrastructure Control

Our intuitive designed menus and screens mean that people with no training can find the information they need. Modules include;

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organisation Management
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Design/Part Management
  • Sales Management
  • Purchasing/Supplier Management
  • Production Management
  • Stock Management
  • Accounts Management

All pretty standard stuff?... not really... the power of the Leviosa ERP is it's total integrated with Safety Management, Environmental Management and Human Resource Management. The result is a formidable business system solution for manufacturing and engineering SME's wanting to tender, supply and ultimately be successful in the high-end industry sector marketplace such as Nuclear and Oil & Gas.

Furthermore, our system as many inbuilt 'checks and balances', that are essential for SME's operating in the high-end industry sector supply chain. Such checks include full supplier/sub-contractor management. Call us for further information.