Leviosa has designed the latest project management software to deliver full project control and real-time business intelligence for the project management team providing total stakeholder peace of mind.

Leviosa project contract software

The Leviosa project management solution delivers efficient document and action management for complex manufacturing processes such as Nuclear Decommissioning waste storage packages including Inspection & Test Plans (ITP’s), inspection hold points and material traceability. This ensures the clients project management team has contract management information to hand at all times on their desktop, tablet or smart phone dashboard.

Key benefits, summarised below ensure total client peace of mind for turnkey manufactured project execution.

Communication & Security

System Communication & Security

  • Centralised portal, accessible to all delivery team personnel
  • Effective and efficient stakeholder communication
  • Access, upload and system security to client specific safety requirements
  • Encrypted data transfer protocol as standard

H&S Management

Health & Safety Management

  • Health, safety and welfare KPI management
  • Centralised risk register, risk assessments & incident records
  • Corrective & preventative action management
  • Centralised Tool Box Talks, Safety Shares & attendance records

Contract Management|green

Contract Management & Intelligence

  • Contract Governance Management – Confidentiality, Nuclear Safety Awareness
  • Asset Healthcare Management
  • Contract Performance Management; Commercial, Technical, Delivery
  • Real time intelligence: Efficient decision making & resource utilisation

QA & Environmental Management

Quality & Environmental Management

  • Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) Management for each product
  • NCR/Improvements, Corrective & Preventive Action Management
  • Auditing Management - Quality Assurance, Fire Assett, H&S and Environmental
  • KPI dashboard management

HR Management

HR Management

  • Online Resource Management - Employee Skills Matrix
  • Centralised resource management for sickness/absenteeism/bottleneck identification
  • Employee Skills/training & development
  • Employee Appraisal management & development

ITP & LTR Management|green

Document Management & Reporting

  • Document Tracking through the Creation, Amendment and Approval process
  • Efficient technical dossier compilation
  • Full Document Record management
  • Electronic ITP and LTR management for each product produced.