Company Brand and Image is so important in today's modern world, across all business sectors from catering to engineering.

Leviosa brand and image

As a consequence of human behaviour, people make decisions based on how something looks, often before understanding how it performs or works. For example, when someone looks to buy a home, reports suggests that many people make a 'like/dislike' decision within minute of first seeing the property. Once this decision is made, it is very rare that it can be reversed.

How something looks is extremely important for online trade. It is widely accepted that most website visitors take just a few seconds before deciding whether to stay on the site or move on... a few seconds !

Leviosa has a wealth of experience in brand and image consultancy, advising clients and/or developing company brand and imagery to ensure the correct message is given to the client.

This area is one of the foundation building blocks of sustainable business growth. All company stakeholder facing documents, publications, adverts and imagery must send a consistent brand message to the client in order to maximise his/her engagement. Take a good look at your brand. If you knew nothing about your own company, would your brand and image make you want to read more about your company? If the answer is no, give Leviosa a call and hear what we can do for you. For further information, please also check out our Case References below.

"you eat with your eyes first". - George Calombaris, Masterchef Judge