'Business Sustainability' is the key factor for pretty much all businesses. It is a process by which businesses manage the triple bottom line; their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These three impacts are also typically referred to as profits, people and planet.

Leviosa business sustainability systems

Sustainable business growth is not accidental. It is a by-product of meticulous planning and precise execution. Business owners often need help in identifying their company’s top four KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), and then support and sharing of best practice to implement a business growth strategy which measures and improves the business against these KPI's. At Leviosa Consulting, we possess two specific skills.

  • Experience, expertise and an unique perspective in helping businesses figure out the right KPI’s, and
  • An incredibly quick turnaround time to build a custom ERP management system solution to measure & improve those KPI’s.

What does this mean for you?

Many consultancy companies will spend weeks and even months, talking about what they are going to do.... padding out consultation (and consultation fees). At Leviosa, we like to do things more dynamically and different.

Yes we will spend time with your stakeholders to discuss and create an initial plan of KPI targets, objectives and deliverable's. Then within days, we will get your improvement program up and running - get it to start working for you, asap, so you can see results. I suspose the analogy being, if you was going to start a diet to lose weight, you would preferably like to weigh yourself at the start of the process, as soon as you had made the decision. Measure it and it will Improve !

KPI's are one traditional and effective way of how Leviosa help's businesses grow their financial impacts; typically sales and profits. However, at Leviosa we also use our advanced, real-time dashboard information system to help teh business measure and report on people and planet performance impacts.

When you couple these holistic management tools, coupled with support on brand development, marketing and process improvements, it is not difficult to see why our clients value our 'total solution' sustainable growth program. Give us a call to hear more about how we can help you.