Leviosa QHSE ImageHealth and Safety management is a top pirority for many businesses, specifically for business' operating in the industrial sector. At Leviosa, we understand this and have a range of tools in our toolbox to facilitate best practice Health and Safety operations. 

Sustainable H&S Systems

On start-up, all user screens default to the Health & Safety (H&S) dashboard section of the Leviosa project management portal, stressing the highest level of importance the business places on stakeholder health, safety and welfare. The dashboard displays the pre-agreed H&S contract specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) in a live, real-time manner. Users can also select to view any number of real-time KPI dashboards, including Contract, Quality and Environmental performance.

The Leviosa project portal provides a central hub for full Health & Safety Risk management for complex product manufacture and includes functionality such as;

  • Add Health & Safety Audit
  • Add Fire Safety Audit
  • Safety Share & Toolbox Talks
  • Risk Register and Risk Assessments
  • Add Incident (Accident) & Add First Aid Audit
  • COSHH & MSDS Records

The project management portal displays rolling Minor and Major injury days automatically driven from incident reporting. Incidents can be categorised by location, by operation/department and by injury type and recorded as non-reportable or reportable (RIDDOR) event. Real-time project dashboard intelligence on incidents ensures trends, issues or training requirements are easy to understand and hence action. Importantly the system provides full transparency (drill-down information) to ensure people act and operate in a safe, informed manner. Similar benefits are delivered on Contract performance, Quality and Environmental areas of the project.