Safety share leviosaSafety Shares are considered excellent practice, specifically in high-end industry sectors such as Nuclear and Oil & Gas.

For those unfamiliar with Safety Shares, the idea is that by spending a few minutes at the start of each meeting, the group communicates and hence raises the awareness of safety. It is an excellent concept, however do we then maximise the benefit?

Occasionally, groups sit in a meeting and nobody has a safety share to give. We've all been there.... placed on the spot, sometimes it is really difficult to think of something good to tell others. We are all human also and the consequences of saying something wrong to a group of clients or peers can be an embarrassment not worth the risk. So we elect to keep quiet. 

The other element in safety shares is that the knowledge communicated is lost almost as soon as the meeting is over. This is a shame, as some really good and helpful things are generally discussed across the spectrum of work safety, travel safety and home safety.

Lets think of this another way... if there six people in a meeting and the safety share lasts 5 mins, that is 30mins invested for the benefit of six. What happens if one of the six, spend 15 mins at the end of the meeting to write up the safety share and then he/she posts it on a company business system for the benefit of dozens or hundreds more? That's now 45mins invested for the benefit of say 50 or 100 people !... feels worthwhile and sensible to me !

It is definitely worthwhile and sensible if a centralised Safety Share storage location is accessible to all business system users, that they can browse at any time, not just in meetings.

Having such an accumulation of user driven safety tips, ideas and shares will also help the one or two meetings, where people haven't prepared a safety share themselves, in advance .. now that has got be be worth the small amount of extra effort. Read more