Leviosa growth consultancy

"Business is like a giant game of chess - you have to learn quickly from mistakes" - Sir Richard Branson - Founder of the Virgin Group

Whenever someone starts out in business, most of us have some kind of game plan ... whether that it is to make thousands of standardised widgets at a low margin or make a small number of unique widgets at a large margin. Equally, we may plan to ensure our business gives excellent service or decides to spread our risk and buy and resell other peoples products.

Whatever that initial plan was, it is highly likely that over time mistakes will happen, there will be loss clarity or focus and ultimately we may change business priorities, as the game develops. The underwritten action is that it is important that we learn quickly from our mistakes and evolve our strategy to become a more stronger, sustainable business. 

If your are sat on the chess board with your business and are unsure what is your next move, Leviosa can help.