Coupe casting advertisingCoupe Castings is a UK company operating in the Steel and Metal industry sector. The company has a 100+ year history of manufacturing steel and iron based castings for industrial clients. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the foundry operations, the company image was that of a traditional foundry - heavy, robust equipment operating in a dirty environment.

In 2014, Leviosa Consulting was engaged to develop the company image. The key objective was to change it from the traditional, dirty engineering image to that of a technology business with competitive advantage.

Subsequently, Leviosa developed a series of adverts and editorials which promoted the use of the companies automated CNC robotic machine tool, cutting a variety of complex, highly accurate patterns such as car body panels. The patterns are used as 'templates' to make automotive cast die tools and these are then used in the car production plant to stamp out the car panels in high volume batches.

The result of the Leviosa marketing campaign was a company image uplift with eye catching advertisements and supporting technical editorials, which ultimately helped the business to tender for high-end projects/business in sectors such as the Automotive, Nuclear and Oil & Gas.

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