Change processIdentifying that organisational change is needed, is often the easy part of the change process.

Implementing and managing change is less easy.

It is natural human behaviour to want change in principle. Many of us will recognise the words "the grass is always greener at the other side of the river". Unfortunately, as humans, many of us also naturally resist change when it presents itself.

This is where Leviosa can help! We are experienced at managing organisational change and have a wide range of solutions in our 'change toolbox' to help your business move forward in this regard.

Give us a call if you want change, but you feel you need support and guidance through the process.

Leviosa website developmentJust about all of us spend time online these days.

People look online for all types of goods and services from child-minding services to hair dressing salons, 'widget' supplies to food shopping... and with the advent of smartphones, increasingly people do their searching using mobile devices.

A recent Google survey found that:

  • 74% of visitors were more likely to return to mobile friendly websites
  • 61% were likely to leave if a site wasn’t mobile friendly, and
  • 67% were more likely to buy at a mobile friendly website

The big question therefore is does your business have a credible and professional, mobile friendly website? Is it mobile viewing responsive? If not, it is highly likely that you are losing business.

Therefore please contact us today for a free website review.

Leviosa can help to get you back in the online 'field of play' and get potential customers knocking at your door. Read more or Give us a call.