Yellow belt training amrcLean Six Sigma is continuous improvement philosophy that is now embraced by the international standard ISO 18404.

Leviosa can help your organisation become ISO18404 accredited by developing your people and systems.

At our Unit 1, approved CMI training facility in Sheffield, UK, we can provide the right balance of therectical and practical training as we have both office and workshop environments for the candidates to work in.  

Over the 2-day Yellow belt course we look at the Lean terms used and tools which can be applied with methodologies to deliver and realise business improvements.

The best bit comes with the ’real-world’ challenge, where the candidates apply all their new learning in a practical, workshop environment.

Do you have the competency, technical skill and mind-set to make a sustained change? If so, give us a call and get yourself on the next Lean Six Sigma training course. Read More

new year 2018Hi everyone... we are all celebrating the New Year 2018.

From everyone at Leviosa Consulting we would like to wish you a brilliant start to the New year and hope that good experiences come your way. The New Year is great as it gives everyone a chance to start fresh and set themselves a resolution of which they would like to meet. It is important to spend the New Year with your friends, families and loved ones to show that they will coming into the New Year as a part of your life.

Also, the New Year gives us time to relax and a chance to escape from any negative effects of the previous year. Enjoy!