Safety Management LeviosaFor so many companies, "Health and Safety" is claimed to be the companies "top" priority, with mentions in vision statements, policies and procedures. Unfortunately, this doesn't necessarily translate into company actions, systems or daily governance.

The sustainable Health and Safety of company stakeholders is critical for business longevity and prosperity. 'Doing it right' matters not only morally and ethically, but financially as well, therefore embracing health and safety into the business culture is essential.

However, many health and safety systems are 'bolt-on' after-thoughts onto the companies operational systems. Equipment manuals, risk assessments, toolbox talks and method statements are locked away in someones filing cabinet, and are 'only to be brought out in times of audit'!

It doesn't have to be this way! By taking simple steps to fully integrated Health and Safety into the companies ERP business system, will the subject start to be part of stakeholder life. This is the philosophy of Leviosa - read more?  

ERP LeviosaERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning

Wikipedia defines an ERP as "... the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology ..."

Most companies define an ERP as "... lots of money, lots of effort, lots of time, lots of headache ..." It doesn't have to be. Any big change is a little stressful, but with proper planning, an intuitive application and good employee training you can mitigate most of these.